Help us prevent Human Trafficking, and support survivors and their families.

Your contribution is an investment in the future of our children, so that we can one day live in a world where survivors are healed, and the young men and women of the next generation have eradicated the demand for exploitation. 

If you were wondering what YOU could possibly do about this huge issue, our answer is: invest in the solution. Join us in preventing this world wide pandemic, and in mitigating the damage it has already done.

Prevention: We believe that the most effective path to the eradication of human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is to spread awareness to those at-risk. That’s why we’re working with high risk schools in the Long Beach Unified School District to educate students ages 11 to 18 on what human trafficking is, how to spot potential victims, and how to safely report suspected cases. During the course of several weeks, students work on a group project to present their findings to their peers. The effects are three-fold: they learn how to protect themselves, how to stand up for others, and how to cultivate the empathy necessary to prevent them from perpetuating the cycle.

Your support will help us reach more students in more schools to ultimately change the mindset of an entire generation.

Mental Health Treatment: We work with the Department of Homeland Security, Los Angeles Human Trafficking Task Force, Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force, and other local organizations to help survivors and their families transcend trauma so that they can begin to heal. Humansave’s team of clinicians provides victims of human trafficking with the specialized treatment they need in order to become survivors, and then thrivers within their communities. Our team is specially trained not only on the issues of human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), but also on how to care for our clients so that they can begin to rewrite their lives.

Your support will allow us to treat more clients and family members–so that we can help survivors all over California, throughout the United States, and around the world.

Join the #gameoverht Movement!

Give the gift of support while spreading awareness! Donate $5 or more and we will send you a specially hand-crafted Humansave bracelet. Include your email address so we can request your shipping and size information. Take a photo with your bracelet and tag us on Instagram @humansave_org for a chance to be featured on our page.

Proceeds go toward providing Mental Health services and supporting our Prevention Program.

Why #gameoverht? Victims and perpetrators often refer to human trafficking as “the game”. Let’s make it our mission to pull the plug together. 

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